Keep your child's health in mind and remember to clean the cups frequently. This prevents the formation of moulds in all separate parts. During the development of the cups, Nûby™ makes sure that they are easy to clean.

1. Disassemble the cup.
2. Rinse each part and clean them in hot water with detergent
3. Rinse off the soap 
4. Don't forget to dry each part with a dry and clean towel. Keep this towel free from bacteria by washing it daily on a minimum temprature of 60°C

Can I clean my cup in the dishwasher?
Yes you can, but make sure that the temprature of the program is high enough.(>65°C) en leave the dry program on. Don't overstack the machine so that the water can reach every part of the cup.

Replacing the parts like spouts, nipples, straws and valves is something that you should do often.