By learning how to drink from a straw, children discover another challenging and fun way to drink. Once they're 12 months old, they're up for the challenge!

Small children tend to have some difficulties when being introduced to a straw cup. You can help by practicing together with a straw in a glass. This will let your child experience how hard they need to suck  to drink and discover what happens when they blow on it.

Learning to drink from a straw is one thing, the right choice of cup is another. Nûby™ has a wide variety of straw cup with a no-spill straw. To protect this straw against dirt filth, we developed a range easy to hold Flip-It™ cups.

A Flip-it™ cup with handles has a shorter straw, this makes it easier to drink. The Flip-It™ cups without handles are bigger and require a bit more suction power from your child. A lot of children find that drinking from these cups is easy, but take into account that they might need some time to adjust.