Each baby has its own way of drinking. That is why it is important to pick a nipple that suites their drinking habits. To help you find the right nipple, Nûby™ offers 5 different replacement nipples that you can put on all bottles from the Natural Touch™ range.

Adapt the nipple to your baby's flow. You can recognize the nipple by the initials on its rim.

- Extra slow flow (XS):
o When your baby drinks too greedy
o To stimulate the sucking reflex of premature babies

- Slow flow (S)
o For babies from 0 months on

- Medium flow (M)
o For babies that drink much faster, from 3 months onwards

- Fast flow (F)
o For children from 6 months onwards, only use when they are fully ready

- 1-2-3 flow (123) :
o When you want to be able to set your own flow
o For optimal use, please read the instructions