This could be possible. To have the numbing effect, we use the natural power of cloves. Clove oil is a natural aid that has been used for a long time. It is the most appropriate and effective natural substance that can ease pain. You can have a similar feeling and will notice the same strong taste when you rub cloves on your gums or drink hot wine as an adult.

We communicate about the cloves in this product on the packaging, the instruction sheet and all official online communication.

A baby will try all tastes at least once. They won't show a real preference for certain tastes until they are 18 months old. To find out if a child really doesn't like a certain taste, they will have to have tasted it about 10 times.

We don't recommend this product form children with an allergy for plants from the Myrrh family. (Eucalyptus, Pimento, Guava)

The orange on the packaging is not a reference to the content of the product. It is part of the Citroganix™ logo. (an active, anti-bacterial substance that we extract for the zest of the Murcia orange.)